For a good reason and make a better quality, your DJ Friday at LaQueen & J.I. CLub has been move to another step of level! We are moving our party (Fabulous Friday) to a new venue, new place, new environment and a new stylish of a better place for the PLU live at OBLIQUE KL.

Entrance will be at Rm 12 (Twelve Ringgit) with one soft drink, and Rm 20 (Twenty Ringgit) with Beer. For 2nd drink you can find out it at so reasonable prices! Amazing rite...?

Parking also easy only Rm10 or you can park anywhere place are suitable as you park before!!

Dont hesitate to call us at
017 - 218 2648 @ 019 - 312 6073 (DJ Ivan - Main DJ)
012 - 297 5135 (Jay - Marketing Team)
016 - 532 9448 (Imran / Wan - Marketing Team)
017 - 215 7883 (DJ Adam - 2nd DJ & Marketing Team)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Place for FABULOUS FRIDAY Party at Oblique KL

Here are some of the picture you can see by yourself how best the place for our FABULOUS FRIDAY Party - OBLIQUE KL


Here is a sample of Flyers we seperate to all around the place...

DJ Ivan in the air now with new style. With new, great, strategic and a perfect place called OBLIQUE Kuala Lumpur, he bring a new environment, new era, new stylish of entertaining people, crowd and audience.

As lot of his followers called him as The Successor of many club before, now he generate himself to going as flow with new era, new genre of music to his collection to entertain his followers, audience, and all patrons in his party.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

1 August - new breeze

I love all of u..only dat phrases can describe my feeling towards my supporters who come to JI n enjoy the party. Fabulous Friday is created for PLU's n all are invited to share the same hot envi. some said y there is straight people inside the clubs? please guys, if we dun want community to discriminate us, so y we try to plays discrimination here? sharing is caring rite? i know what u thinking now, but if management of JI's decide to allows them in, we in Music Station can't do anything. the most important here is, we got place to have some fun. we can't please everybody's need but we do our part to the limit.

FF Party on 25 July

hye guys...long time no c rite? hahaha..sori for not updating my blog since last 2 weeks. kinda busy alots of feedbacks from u guys! tq. i'm appreciate it so much. without u my party at JI is nothing.

i'm going to improvise myself n of coz my crew members to do the best week after week. we now looking to make a theme party. but please wait till further confirmation. please do comments on our party. u guys can send sms or call us directly. dun b afraid to tell us what u want!

so enjoy d pics during d show time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Party Continues...18 July 2008

Apa kabar sayangg....?

tq coz been here last week n enjoy our FF party. alsolutely great rite? dun worry, all of the spirit that you gave to us wil make the party become more happening week after week..To all of you, take a look at last week pics at JI Club. so make sure u r here dis week n ur pics will be in our blog!

is she pretty?

finale show

dun kacau me lahh....

very the women!

linda n dancers



baby exora

we need you guys!

kita enjoyy!!

pole dancing? wahhh....

hey..dun stop dancing!!

where is my fren?anyone see him??